Moe's Private Reserve

Moe's Private Reserve Vegan Jerky And  Multi-purpose Seasoning & Rub

This delicious blend of herbs and spices  is unique in its versatility. The perfect seasoning for meat, poultry and seafood, MPR is also a zesty addition to vegetables and tastes great on snacks such as popcorn and French fries.

Our fans know, as we do, that creativity can make the difference between a good meal and a taste-tingling experience. We consider the recipes you share with us to be the best testimonials that we can offer.

Check them out on our recipes page and feel free to share your favorite Moe’s experience with us.      

Moe's Private Reserve Multi-Purpose Seasoning & Rub
and The Fine Spice Company

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Moe's Private Reserve Multi-Purpose Seasoning & Rub

Moe's Private Reserve Multi-Purpose Seasoning & Rub, or MPR for short, is our flagship product for a reason. As Moe likes to say, "It makes BBQ taste the way it should." We've found out that it makes everything else taste great, too. It's not just for BBQ any more! 

Whether on the grill, in the oven, or even in a skillet, you will find Moe’s Private Reserve a delectable compliment to any meal. ​Moe's Seasoning & Rub is also gluten-free, but they  don't have to know that.