Moe's Private Reserve Multi-Purpose Seasoning & Rub
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He was raised in Youngstown, Ohio, a city better known for its steel mills than its barbeque. After college, he moved to the Deep South where he got his first taste of real barbeque. He was hooked! He carried his love of this truly American style of cooking to New England, where he discovered his knack for blending seasonings that made good BBQ even better. For over 20 years, he experimented on friends and family until he developed the perfect blend. Good barbeque became great!

Moe loves his ribs, and discovered years ago that how they are cooked can mean as much for their flavor as how they are seasoned. The discovery was made at the beginning of his journey in the late ‘80s when he watched a friend prepping the wood in his grill. It was then that Moe bought his first serious grill and began his quest. His goal was to develop a blend that would transcend the method and retain its flavor. He began by using various products from the local supermarket, but they all fell short. That is when he began experimenting with his own concoctions. All of his results were good, some were even great. But only one was perfect… Moe’s Private Reserve! Now you can experience Moe’s secret recipe without having to wait for an invite to one of his famous BBQ’s.

-Miss Roxie Schnoodle

More About Moe

Let me tell you about my friend, Moe. He walks his dog (that’s me!) every morning. In the evenings, he watches TV with his family.

Like everyone else, he looks forward to the weekends. For him that means ball games and barbequing, fair weather or foul. Yep, he’s just a regular guy…a regular guy who loves great barbeque! It was his love of barbeque that led to the invention of Moe’s Private Reserve Mult-Purpose Seasoning & Rub, or MPR for short.